Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

The Spire of Lyceum

A snow fortress called The Spire of Lyceum created on the A’therys Ascended server.

The Spires of Lyceum

Seeking sanctuary in the ancient world in which they had chosen to forge their order, the mages of A’therys searched for many years to find a suitable location for what would one day be considered one of their greatest achievements. As they ventured into the mountains of Aloreh, they found themselves upon the behemoth mountains of the gods, as old as the land itself.

Settling on the location, the mages set to work. Weaving their ancient magic, the mages began to shape the land and surrounding ice as if it were putty in their hands. Bending mountains and brick alike to their will, their future home began to take shape. Sprouting majestic willow trees from once barren lands and lush gardens in from the frozen tundra, the mages created for themselves a place of meditation and learning unlike any the world had yet to see.Moving on the the construction of the Lyceum, the mages began by laying out their towers by each school of magic in which the studied: One for ice and water. Another for fire and lava. Wind, Earth, and Nature to follow. Each tower was raised in a planned fashion to create a source of power within the middle.

Placed around a crater, these towers formed a pentagon with the primary school to be built in the middle. A monument to the accomplishments of these once simple beings, the mages sought to suspend this building in the air via chains. Attaching them to the walls, these chains and the mountains they attached to bore the true might of all the mages college could do.

Created by: Gazamo and Sqorck, PhoenixRising_DK, Cauliflowers, iiWrightii, Jayr867, Cryohawkz

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